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September 02 2017


Me: *gets anxiety making a phone call* Also me: *feels completely at ease and downright cheerful wandering around unfamiliar city with only vague knowledge of how to get to where I’m going*

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hahahahahahahahahahahaha pain

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Daydreamer  by Gunseli S.    

The most troublesome situations often lead to the most astounding growth of your character. Don’t give up now; you can and you will get through this.
— Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin (via thepowerwithin)
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Vines creeping in through an old skylight in the Verrière de chateau. [1600 x 1067] [OS].

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It’s a most distressing affliction to have a sentimental heart and a skeptical mind.
— Nagulb Mahfouz, Sugar Street
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let’s play a game called watch how distant I get

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August 28 2017

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me, seeing someone with my body type: nice

me, seeing my own body: no

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me before coffee: sad

me after coffee: sad with a higher heart rate

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gosh he is so so good. he is so so patient. i am so at ease with him. date someone who’s your best friend and who absolutely adores you and who you can talk about anything with and who you can be so incredibly silly with and sings to nsync in the car with you

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Łatwo poznać, kiedy działamy wbrew sobie, bo nagle zaczyna nam być smutno, czujemy się niedoceniani, mamy przekonanie, że inni nie wiedzą, jacy jesteśmy naprawdę. Zaczynamy czuć do siebie albo do ludzi żal - o to, że nas nie znają.
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